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Sant Gadge Maharaj Shiksha Samiti is Non-Government Registered Societies. We started our journey on 09-11-2017. Our mission is to educate our children so far for our organization, it is the first purpose and this is our goal and to make them aware of education by going to their home.

Education is a child’s right and need. We believe in Education by enlarging one’s view of the world, giving one confidence to chart one’s destiny.

The mission to improve the quality of education in India and ensure that all children not only attend but also thrive in school is being accomplished by working in collaboration with the government, local communities, parents, teachers, volunteers, and civil society members. They are implemented on a large scale to reach as many children as possible.

All programs are designed to ensure that learning levels in schools and communities increase, education reaches all children who are in school or unable to use school facilities, and youth gets well trained for job opportunities.

We believe in bridging the gap between knowledge and habitual ignorance. Targeting the oblivious way of living amongst the not-so-privileged masses and putting a stop to it is the key to the horrific statistics. We are well aware of the fact that this process is not a one day lecture that rectifies the ignorance, but a constant, conscious effort that ought to be imbibed amongst the mentally, physically, emotionally, and monetarily disadvantaged fellow Indians


Our mission is to improve the quality of life and outcomes for children in shelters and to ensure that every child can fulfill their potential irrespective of his or her circumstances.


“ There is no greater friend or relative than education; there is no greater wealth or happiness than education.”

Our vision is that even the most vulnerable children in shelters can realize equitable outcomes. We understand the most vulnerable as children who either do not have a family to support them or children whose families are unable to provide a safe space for them to grow up in. Many of these children end up in shelters, which struggle to address more than infrastructure and basic needs, so Make A Difference focuses on providing them with additional care and support systems to ensure that they flourish.

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Pradeep Kumar


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Neeta Mathur


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